In this section we would like to introduce the different modules delivered with every Contao installation. Modules in Contao help you to achieve certain functions and possibilities for your users to interact with your website. You can either create different ways of displaying page navigations, create a search module, import RSS-feeds or integrate a user registration.

Modules are defined in the front end modules section of the back end under Layout > Themes


Module CSS class Description
Navigation menu mod_navigation Generates a navigation menu from the site structure.
Custom navigation mod_customnav Generates a custom navigation menu.
Breadcrumb navigation mod_breadcrumb Generates a breadcrumb navigation menu.
Quick navigation mod_quicknav Generates a drop-down menu from the site structure.
Quick link mod_quicklink Generates a custom drop-down menu.
Book navigation mod_booknav Generates a book navigation menu.
Article navigation mod_article_nav Generates a pagination menu to navigate articles.
Sitemap mod_sitemap Generates a list of all pages in the site structure.


Module CSS class Description
Login form mod_login Generates a login form.
Automatic logout - Automatically logs out a user.
Personal data mod_personalData Generates a form to edit a user's personal data.
Registration mod_registration Generates a user registration form.
Lost password mod_password Generates a form to request a new password.
Close account mod_closeAccount Generates a form to delete a member account.


Module CSS class Description
Newslist mod_newslist Adds a list of news items to the page.
Newsreader mod_newsreader Shows the details of a news item.
News archive mod_newsarchive Adds a news archive to the page.
News archive menu mod_newsmenu Generates a navigation menu to browse the news archive.


Module CSS class Description
Calendar mod_calendar Adds a calendar to the page.
Event reader mod_eventreader Shows the details of an event.
Event list mod_eventlist Adds a list of events to the page.
Event list menu mod_eventmenu Generates a navigation menu to browse the event list.


Module CSS class Description
Subscribe mod_subscribe Generates a form to subscribe to one or more newsletter.
Unsubscribe mod_unsubscribe Generates a form to unsubscribe from one or more newsletters.
Newsletter list mod_nl_list Adds a list of newsletters to the page.
Newsletter reader mod_nl_reader Shows the details of a newsletter.


Module CSS class Description
FAQ list mod_faqlist Adds a list of frequently asked questions to the page.
FAQ reader mod_faqreader Shows the answer to a frequently asked question.
FAQ page mod_faqpage Shows the FAQ list and FAQ reader on the same page.