Contao brings some extra modules for complex interactions like form building, search, comments or data listing. Just take a look at the examples below.

Form generator

Forms are a very important tool to help you to create user feedback from the visitors of your website. Contao features an easy way to build and edit individual forms with its Form generator. All the common form fields known from HTML can be used and there are several ways to apply different options to each field. You can make them mandatory, define allowed input values or add CSS classes to specific fields.

The Form generator also allows to "Send form data via e-mail" or "Store data" in your database. For the submission methods you can choose between POST and GET. You will see there is a lot of fun in the module out of the box.

Contact form example

Search engine

This module generates a search feature. The search lists all sites which consist the keyword. With this module allows to search a whole Contao website which is great for a better user experience.

Just visit the following link to see it in action on this demo website: Check out Search 


Some text about the comments and an example

Kommentar von comment author |

This is a single short comment in the comment system.

Antwort von Nicky Hoff

And here is a short answer from an admin as reaction of the comment

Was ist die Summe aus 4 und 4?


The module Article list will make a list of data sets available on the website. The list can be sorted, viewed with applied filters and searched by Front-End users. A table drawn from a database acts as the basis for the list.

In „Table“ you are defining the source table from which the list is generated. The parameter „cells“ enables you to list the fields to be included in the list. You have to seperate the list entries by comma. „Condition“ allows you to define a condition by which the data sets extracted from the database will be filtered. Since the module pretty much executes a database query, you are able to utilize SQL-conform code. You can also use Insert-Tags.

When using the module Contao will automatically generate a query template in the Front-End to search the list. In the parameter „Searchable cells“ you can define which cells will be included in the search options.

The „Sort by“ parameter allows you to set by which column from the source table the displayed list will be sorted. „Elements per page“ is a parameter which when you set it to a value higher than 0 will result in Contao displaying the images on multiple pages.

You can control for which cells a detail page with all information from the given data set will be available. By tagging the desired cell in the parameter „cells of detail page“ a small icon will appear next to each data set of the tagged cell. If the Front-End user clicks on the icon the detail page of that data set will be displayed and the next page menue uses pagination.

The „detail page condition“ parameter offers a way to filter the data sets to be displayed on the detail page of each cell.
The parameter „list template“ allows you to define a layout template for how the list will look like.

Analogous to the list template parameter the „detail page template“ enables you to set up a layout template for the detail page. The module „article list“ utilizes the CSS classes mod_listing, the search query features uses list_search, the drop-down-menue by which the data set selection per page is done uses list_per_page.

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